AI Generated Product Information Videos

AI avatar-based videos revolutionize product information dissemination across diverse sectors by offering scalable, high-quality video content solutions. These innovative videos enable organizations to vividly communicate product features and benefits to consumers, enhancing engagement and comprehension.

Create Engaging Content for Consumers Across Wide Range of Use Cases

Banking & Insurance

Hospitality & Travel

E-Commerce & Retail

Real Estate

Consumer Electronics

Healthcare & Pharma


We offer a comprehensive solution as compared to standalone AI Avatar Creations Tools

Multi-tool approach to ensure the best of both video and audio in any domestic or international language

Manual editing support for end to end video creation

Large bank of real human avatars, to reduce dependncy on off-shelf avatars

ICAD AI Video Applications

Product Information Videos

Ideal for BFSI, Healthcare, E-Commerce other Product or Service Marketing Needs

L&D and Training Content

Ideal for corporate and field force trainings, especially for multilingual workforce

Humanizing the interaction with clients & customers and opening up new opportunities

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